Parts of Speech Cheatsheet

Here is a list of the parts of speech that are included in our word list.

Adjective (a.)

an adjective describes a noun or a pronoun.

Adverb (adv.)

adverb describes a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.

Conjunction (c.)

A conjunction joins words or groups of words (phrases or clauses)

Interjection (i.)

An interjection expresses emotion and has no grammatical relation to the rest of the sentence.

Noun (n.)

A person, place, thing, or an idea.

Pronoun (pro.)

A pronoun is used in place of one or more nouns or pronouns.

Preposition (p.)

A preposition shows the relationship of a noun or a pronoun to some other word in a sentence.

Verb (v.)

A verb expresses an action or a state of being.

Transitive verb (v.t.)

A transitive verb is a verb that interacts with one or more objects.

Intransitive verb (v.i.)

A intransitive verb is a verb that does not interact with an object.