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Gunter rig

A topmast arranged with metal bands so that it will readily slide up and down the lower mast.

Gunter's chain

The chain ordinarily used in measuring land. See Chain, n., 4, and Gunter's scale.

Gunter's line

A logarithmic line on Gunter's scale, used for performing the multiplication and division of numbers mechanically by the dividers; -- called also line of lines, and line of numbers.

Gunter's quadrant

A thin quadrant, made of brass, wood, etc., showing a stereographic projection on the plane of the equator. By it are found the hour of the day, the sun's azimuth, the altitude of objects in degrees, etc. See Gunter's scale.

Gunter's scale

A scale invented by the Rev. Edmund Gunter (1581-1626), a professor of astronomy at Gresham College, London, who invented also Gunter's chain, and Gunter's quadrant.
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